INSTITUTE is a leading organization that makes use of polymeric materials (construction plastics, adhesives, hermetics, compounds, etc.) and processes on their bases in repair and operation of vessels and port's equipment, as well as the only producer of block Polyamide 6 (Grade B Kaprolon) recognized by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Grade B kaprolon comes out in the shape of blanks (sleeves) for stern tube and rudder bearings, as well as plates, bars, rods, etc. to TU 31.970-78 and U 25.2-01126996-011-2002 approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and the Ukrainian Register of Shipping.
Products made of Kaprolon that are designed for use in the arrangements and components of ships, port mechanisms, etc., covered by the surveillance of the Register of Shipping, are accompanied by the Register Certificate of the established form. There are guiding documents on machining, installation and operation of the kaprolon bearings. Grade B kaprolon is tropically resistant, non-toxic, corrosion resistant, has good dielectric and damping properties, resistant to hydrocarbons, oil, petrol, spirits, alkali and non-concentrated acids attacks.
Kaprolon bearings in the presence of water or oil lubrication can operate at circumferential velocities up to 15 m/sec and specific pressures up to 7 MPa.
Coefficient of friction on steel and bronze with lubrication (oil, water) - 0.04-0.08.
A 35-year experience has been accumulated on installing and operating kaprolon bearings in stern tube and rudder arrangements in ships with shaft diameter up to 800 mm.
Some physical and mechanical parameters of Grade B kaprolon
Density, kg/m3 - 1150-1160
Bending stress at maximum load, MPa,
not less than
- 90
Shock resistance (impact resistance), KJ/m2,
not less than
- 160
Hardness by ball indentation method, H/mm 2,
not less than
- 170
Breaking stress at compression, MPa,
not less than
- 90
Tensile strength, MPa - 90-95

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