UkrNIIMF is a head developer of the tariffs for the commercial seaports within the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.
    UkrNIIMF has qualified specialists having much experience in both practical activities and research work in the area of maritime transport. The Institute's specialists developed for the first time a new tariff system for the seaports that was put into force in 1974. In 1995 UkrNIIMF developed new tariffs, put into force in 1996, for the Ukrainian commercial seaports and the terms of their application oriented towards the work in new market conditions.
    The development of these tariffs was carried out in line with the basic principles accepted in the international port price formation. But unlike port price formation of some European countries when developing the tariffs for the Ukrainian commercial seaports a full self-repayment of port expenses was envisioned with obtaining certain profit necessary for port development.
    This system of tariffs includes charges and payments for the services offered to customers by the ports:

  1. to shipowners for ensuring safe entrance of ships into the port, stay in and leaving the port - ship, canal, berthing, lighthouse, pilot, towage dues, etc.
  2. to cargo owners for carrying out handling work, storage of cargo in the port, etc. - blanket rate payments, payments for the storage of cargoes at the port warehouses, cargo charges.

    The UkrNIIMF specialists have much experience in research activities (lectureship at educational institutions and at the Institute of higher qualification for managers of enterprises and leading specialists of the maritime transport). The results of the studies performed by the Institute are published by the specialists in scientific transactions, specialized magazines and periodicals. Besides a number of books and monographs on the Institute's work subjects was published.

    The Institute's specialists carry out:

  1. The analysis of production activity of industrial enterprises with the development of proposals and recommendations on its improvement..
  2. Making up a Business plan for industrial enterprises.
  3. The development of the structure of industrial enterprises, provisions concerning departments and services, duty regulations.
  4. Calculation of the production capacity of industrial enterprises.
  5. Organization and rating of work.
  6. The development of price policy and doing marketing research in shiprepair sector.

    The Institute's specialists carry out work on labour protection on the maritime transport (merchant marine, ports, industrial enterprises) on the following directions:

  1. Work organization on labour protection. Labour protection system management.
  2. Ensuring safety of production processes. Safety regulations. Instructions on labour protection
  3. Industrial sanitary.
  4. Attestation of working places on labour conditions.